Best Options to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards
Dec 03, 2023 By Triston Martin

Gift cards that are not wanted collect dust at the bottom of people's wallets until they expire. Although federal law gives most gift cards a five-year grace period before they expire, the cardholder reaps no benefits by ignoring the card for that long. The term "breakage" describes the financial occurrence of businesses making money off of unused gift cards. Avoiding adding to this damage inadvertently is in your best interest as a customer. New gift cards might be turned into cash to help with this problem. By taking this action, you may convert leftover gift cards into currency, which is a more liquid and valuable item.

Selling Gift Cards Online

Experts recommend gift card resale stores with reasonable prices close to face value. To get the most incredible bargain, they recommend checking pricing across sites. In addition to resale stores, services that let users trade unwanted gift cards for retailer-specific ones are recommended. Also, eBay and Facebook Marketplace are popular venues for selling gift cards at a modest discount.

Gift-card reselling marketplaces have evolved. Some died or merged during the epidemic. The Better Business Bureau may include a few gift card sites that appear safe but have a bad reputation. Do some investigation before selling your unwanted gift cards at a location, not on this list. The following sites and applications let you sell gift cards online:


GiftCash makes selling unused gift cards easy. Input the gift card name and value to obtain a comparable offer. GiftCash pays 80% to 90% for gift cards from Target and Best Buy, making it an enticing choice for those wishing to cash them in. Now, GiftCash's maximum payment is 93%, allowing sellers to recoup a considerable amount of their card's value.

The portal accepts gift cards from $25 to $2,000. Air Canada, Apple/iTunes, and Petco gift cards must have a $100 minimum value. GiftCash makes converting gift cards into cash easy, giving consumers financial flexibility. GiftCash makes it easy to unlock gift cards from famous shops and specialist stores and get your money back.


The average CardCash is a sell gift cards app that offers gift cards at 92% of their value. This program makes it easy to turn unwanted cards into cash, but you won't get 100%. For instance, a $25 Target card may bring $20. CardCash lets you swap gift cards for ones worth more than cash. CardCash enables you to maximize the value of your unused gift cards with cash or another gift card. Explore our platform for easy and profitable gift card reselling.


You may set your price for unwanted gift cards on Raise. When they sell, raise list gift cards for free and receive a 15% fee. The straightforward charge structure guarantees you get back most of your card's value.

Raise lets you sell partially redeemed gift cards. Physical gift cards must have a $10 balance, while eGift cards must have $5. All gift card balances must be under $2,000 to sell on Raise.

Raise makes selling gift cards easy. ACH Direct Deposit and PayPal are free payment alternatives. This simple payment mechanism makes selling gift cards for cash easy. Raise offers freedom and transparency in gift card reselling since you choose the price.


GameFlip is a unique and the best place to sell gift cards instantly for gamers and non-gamers. It's for gamers, but everyone may use it. Gameflip offers Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live gift cards.

Create a Gameflip profile, list your gift card, and pick a price. The platform suggests discounting the card by 2%–15%. A 2% digital fee and an 8% commission are added to the listing price by Gameflip.

Selling your gift card will deposit cash into your Gameflip wallet. You may withdraw your winnings via Wise, Payoneer, Skrill, or Bitcoin. Gameflip lets players explore digital currencies and other payment methods.


QuickCashMI, with the "MI" symbolizing Michigan, is a simple, inviting website. JCPenney, IHOP, and Amazon gift cards are sold on this platform.

QuickCashMI works smoothly. Users enter the gift card value, and the platform quickly displays the payout amount. Gift card resale companies often provide brand-specific payouts. A $100 Zappos gift card may have a different monetary value than an Amazon gift card. QuickcashMI simplifies gift card sales and guarantees fair payouts. The website's clarity and simplicity make it easy for gift card holders to cash out.


ClipKard provides a simple quoting tool to determine gift card acceptance and value. If you accept the offer, use a prepaid USPS postage label to deliver your gift card to ClipKard. Upgrade to priority shipping; however, the cost will be taken from the payment.

Reward points are offered for selling or purchasing gift cards on ClipKard. You gain 50 points for $50 gift cards. Users can get a $10 discount on future purchases with 1,000 points. ClipKard is ideal for people with several gift cards to sell since they may earn many points. The ClipKard incentive system offers discounts to increase user engagement.


GiftCardBin no longer sells gift cards online. However, the platform offers an alternate way to cash out gift cards. Visit the site's map and input your ZIP code to find one of its 600 partner sites near you. You may then produce your gift card and ID at the partner location to collect cash.

GiftCardBin no longer sells gift cards online, but customers may redeem them for cash at partner shops, which is handy. This method makes liquidating unused gift cards easy.


Sell gift cards online by turning gift cards into cash is easy with the CardSell app. Download the CardSell app and share the gift card number and PIN. CardSell immediately offers cash after store verification of the gift card. The website says the money is put into your PayPal account within 48 hours if you accept the offer.

CardSell's fast process lets consumers change unused gift cards into cash. Receiving payments straight into a PayPal account simplifies the procedure, making gift card liquidation easy.